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Madecassoside90% and TECA95% supplier

Thanks to its properties, Madecassoside 90% is successfully used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. As pharmaceutical ingredients it is mainly used in creams for skin treatment (e.g. psoriasis). When used topically, it has been shown to enhance wound healing and help clear chronic skin lesions. It increases the production of collagen during wound healing and also tends to increase the strength of the deposited collagen.

While TECA 95% can be used for dermis reconstruction and microcirculation activation, stretch-mark prevention and Treatment. It is very good at anti-aging and skin repair.

Being a Centella Asiatica Extract supplier, we’d like to assist our customers with our products in their local market. Quick response and fast delivery are some of our advantages. For more info, find me on Linkedin at

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